Ursula Sabisch, Kaiserin, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Political Stage

of the EU


To all Citizens

Europe-wide and worldwide

Luebeck, 17 November 2023

That German-language document you may find here!

A Christmas village made of porcelain?

Dear Readers and Ladies and Gentlemen of the Political Stage,

If I could, I would have most of you, the current "wannabe big-politicians", put over the knee and show you what's what! This wish of my person becomes very clear if you follow the resolutions and directives issued by my person on the Internet, which pack a punch!

So far, these decisions and directives affect many cities in Europe and will bring the respective responsible citizens, including the children and young people of these citizens, to their knees and onto the pot!

Of course, no one believes so easily that there should be such a person, who could actually have these and other decisions implemented, but my person firmly believes in it!

However, it is also important to mention that Emperor Diethard and King Juergen, possibly with his wife, will probably not be able to identify with these kinds of measures for the population, but there does seem to be a division of responsibilities among the Authorities called upon, even if this division of responsibilities will not be clearly defined.

Of course, my person still hopes for the understanding of the Emperor and the King, especially as it is not an everyday task that my person will have to cope with.

Just as a housewife and mother has to take care of the upbringing and well-being of the children and family on site, because the father usually has to earn money outside the home, everyone can expect my decisions to be carried out in the same way!

Of course, the father will ultimately be held accountable to his Creator for his wife, his children and his family, so it is mainly the man who bears the greatest responsibility! However, the special feature at the end of time lies in the very obvious special status of my person, as the origin of life was addressed to my person, made recognisable through my person.

For this reason, my person has "taken over the say for the time being", which, however, should be verifiable by the complete Authority, which consists of two other designated persons. Of course, first and foremost, reasonable laws made for humans must be created, which also consider and include life after death in particular.

Without a God-given legal basis, humans are lost here and elsewhere, so that for this reason the politicians of the end times who have been called upon should immediately begin to first and foremost prohibit the killing of unborn life by law and thus strictly worldwide!

The penalty for disobedience will be very high, and this will and can basically only be eradicated with the help of the Momumental-dimensional realm!

It should also not go unmentioned that a great many citizens, including families, have been drawn into this maelstrom of abortions without a person being able to suspect or prevent the killing of an unborn life by sexual intercourse between a man and a woman and the begetting of a human being, even if it was a one-off incident of sexual intercourse!

Every young male and every man in particular should be aware of this!

Adulterers in particular are now also being discussed, who may be held responsible for some abortions in any case!

This inevitably leads to the next law, which must protect marriage and the family by criminalising adultery! Because the laws are meant for humans and not for half animals, which do not deserve freedom because they do not understand it properly or cannot deal with it!

Last but not least, a misunderstood freedom very often incapacitates people in old age, they are shunted off and locked away like half an animal because, strictly speaking, the pet has taken the place of the aged parent, because people can identify and feel better understood with the animal and animal behaviour and would therefore prefer to spend their time with the animal than with a human or parent!

The old person also needs understanding and care in order not to become lonely and the animal is obviously a good choice for the old person too! In this way, the old person usually leaves the world and arrives where the animal and the animalistic will be dominant!

This brings us to the parental commandment, which should by no means be underestimated, because you can, for example, take your elderly parents or a parent who has remained mobile with you on your travels and therefore do not have to give up travelling on principle.

Travelling to distant countries in the world with their foreign cultures clearly shows Christians in particular that the First Commandment cannot and will not be given for fun, as the tourist or traveller can see what happens to the local people and what this means for all people when foreign gods are obviously worshipped or glorified!

The fact that Christians should not bring one mosque after another into their own country by questioning the First Commandment on the spot has very little to do with freedom and tolerance, but rather with cowardice and stupidity, by letting people of foreign cultures run aground without any reservations!

Even the environment of a child, which should first grow into Christianity, is severely disturbed by foreign places of worship and shows a questionable tolerance, which does not exist at all from the decisive side and must not exist for life afterwards!

Now the question of responsibility on earth and the profession or branch of profession of those responsible is beginning to arise!

Is it really the politicians with their adaptable legal bases to the so-called freedom of human beeings, whereby freedom is indeed a great good and in the past many generations have fought for it by sacrificing their lives, or do we all already understand something else by freedom?

And isn't there a competent institution in the world by the grace of God alone?

In my opinion, the abortion of an unborn life renders any further law against Creation null and void, as all other possible human transgressions are to be classified far below this often legitimised act!

For every abortion is not a human right, because there is a fundamental right to life, but also to truth, and every individual only exists for this reason!

Therefore, all of my decisions are far below the limit that exists!

And therefore none of the resolutions that are visible on the Internet as a contract concluded between heaven and earth have been drawn up just for fun or as a deterrent, but this is how and no other way my person will behave in the matter and will take on the difficult office!

Should anyone feel unjustly or wrongly treated, there is an opportunity for every person to appeal to the King's or Emperor's team with a convincing and correct justification, and the King and Emperor will always make a correct decision in individual cases.

Basically, good politicians and other experts in the country should get the ball rolling on the matter and instruct the plumbing department of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck to start implementing the toilet conversions and provide a chamber pot with a watering can as an alternative.

You should also consider clearing the villas and comfortable houses starting at the waterfront properties and moving to the existing properties in tents, containers or sheds and caravans, otherwise it can get very cold and uncomfortable for these citizens of Luebeck and the surrounding area, for example!

As my pocket money has not reached my accounts in time, the whole matter costs about more for each individual!

Even the abuse of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church has already become very expensive for everyone, not to mention the people, who have starved and are still starving every day! So my person does not want to leave unmentioned that there will be at least one day a week when there is nothing to eat, with exceptions proving the rule!

However, should the Emperor, the King or a family member or important person of the Authorities as well as my person suffer further, then please remember that the suffering will affect everyone and can be infinite!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Cycling will become the means to an end and driving a car will have to be pure LUXURY, so don't forget this when planning!

The time-limited offer for my trip to Moscow is also part of the contractual agreement, as is the offer to relocate my workplace to Hamburg. 

However, one does not leave an Empress in the dark for so long and not wait unnecessarily and so the villas of the waterfront properties in Hamburg, except for the property claimed by my person, will first have to be taken into the above-mentioned execution!