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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany


Bishop of Limburg

Cathedral Square 765549 Limburg

Luebeck, 31 May 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

*Headline from the Internet: In 2023, the Federal Criminal Police Office registered 2,227 drug-related deaths, a record figure.

Dear Readers, Dear Clergy, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I would like to take you and others on a little journey and bring you to a slightly higher perspective on world events.

We Germans in particular, who in the past of our history were subject to a misconception that was disastrous for other peoples, in that people of a different culture were denied human dignity and the right to life, have had an extraordinarily great responsibility imposed on us directly as the next generation for some years now.

For this reason, no one should underestimate the fact that the aforementioned ancestors or contemporary witnesses, who were not exclusively Germans, will have to pay the exact price for the persecution and gassing of the Jews in the long term, depending on the misbehaviour of the individual, by silently watching and unconditionally obeying a diabolical act of a criminal regime.

This is something that nobody actually makes clear, even if they are people with a strong connection to God, such as clergymen or believers in a religion that believes in eternal life.

Even today, the behaviour of the population in relation to the Jews is once again similar, although the legal protection of the Jewish population is guaranteed in Germany, for example, and even remains mandatory across borders. The strange thing is that at the end of the calendar, of all times, the Jews and the state of Israel are again involved in a terrible war and not only the Jewish president in Israel, but also the Jewish president of Ukraine, of all places, are waging a war.

The many deaths caused by the aforementioned wars are also partly linked to these Jewish relationships, even if, as is currently the case, only one Jewish individual can be the cause or the person responsible for such a war. 

And if you look at the daily Word of God as a baptised Catholic Christian at this time, then the beloved Israel and the city of Jerusalem of the Lord and Creator are mentioned again and again, which is not necessarily to be taken literally and can be meant symbolically, but this part of the earth in the Orient has always been strongly influenced and thus emphasised by the legacy of the Creator through his only begotten Son Jesus.

There must be a way to be found and available that can end the wars in the world, especially as there will again be silent witnesses for years or decades in the matter and commission of the Lord and Creator from presumably already all master countries, who must also be called to account.

Some of these contemporary witnesses, especially those from the FRG, have already passed away and have taken the testimony of the over-dimensional matter or the events in the commission, in which preferably my person was involved for years, to the grave, although this commission in the matter was first intended for this world according to the knowledge and actions of my person.

This behaviour also shows that the devilish zeitgeist has spread far beyond all borders and is out to catch its prey! All the devil has to do now is to snap his finger and a young person dies from an overdose of heroin or a mixture of drugs here or there in the world.

So some people celebrate themselves and their values or allow themselves to be celebrated on the political stage, while others perish in the dirt and through drug-related crime. A few days after the great celebrations of the founding of the constitution or basic law of a democracy, the news reported that 2,227 young people died last year as a result of drug use in this democracy and the values that had just been celebrated.

This high number of deaths is not about Europe or even the world, but only about the drug deaths of the FRG of the previous year, although there are and have been ways and means to keep these boys and occasionally girls alive, which my person had put down in writing!

Of course, my person was upset about the use of Meseberg Castle by the political stage in connection with the state visit from France for some celebrations and honours, because this and many other habitable castles, for example, were partly intended and designated as a place of residence and recreation for these 2,227 young people.

This and much more is the result when contemporary witnesses are too cowardly and too deceitful to pass on this important information in the right place, even if it could harm them. Sooner or later, the damage that one does or has done through such insidious behaviour will be borne by oneself, and that is certainly the case!

So a beginning should have been found long ago in the matter and commission of the Lord and Creator, so that the devil can be put in his place and this happens especially when a clergyman summons up the courage to face the truth and the bitter reality in order to send his "good little sheep" as the contemporary witnesses on the right path, instead of holding out the "Body of Christ" to these good ones and giving it away at great cost!

Furthermore, the courage should finally be summoned and the obligation of a clergyman to a very wealthy person taken seriously by publicly calling a millionaire or billionaire by name to remind him or her of the duty to share the accumulated wealth that was and is intended for all. Here, too, the "little sheep" will have to personally receive the funds and money and personally deliver them to the needy and keep an eye on the projects needed on the ground. Of course, this is first and foremost a matter for the wealthy themselves, but one of these tasks is the development of infrastructure and craftsmanship in the disadvantaged countries and this task can of course be delegated to trusted persons!

Please think about it, because things will turn out as they will and cannot get much worse for the great mass of humanity!


HP: Should my person also take on this work by naming and calling on the millionaires and billionaires in writing, or are you and others not also in the world and also capable of acting?

* Document checked on 1st of June 2024