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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 11:52:41 +0200

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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany.

To the German Chancellor's Office

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Luebeck, April 16, 2018

Excerpt from the Internet

Free English translation on 11 June 2021. That German-language document you may find here!

Society | Services - Growing old with Dignity

"In advertising, among other things, vital and fun-loving seniors determine the image of growing old. But this image is only true in rare cases.

When one's vitality has waned and one feels that one is "no longer of any use" and that one is a burden to others, then the question of dignity arises with particular urgency.

The staff at the Evangelisches Johannesstift have gained a high level of human and professional competence in accompanying people who have grown old. In the service, they empathetically report on their experiences.

Margot Kaeßmann is given the sermon. Music will be provided by a children's choir and a brass choir under the direction of Cantor Juergen Lindner."


Command **

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Readers,

The dignity of humans is untouchable according to the German Basic Law and thus one should clarify supplementing to the yesterday above-mentioned service from the Johannisstift Berlin-Spandau that the dignity of humans is connected with the soul and can be thus impaired controlled by the mind.

But what about the human dignity when the mind falls by the wayside? Can one speak then at all still of human dignity or of what or about what one would have to speak then actually?

In my opinion, you and others make it very easy for yourselves by ultimately wanting to make the Lord God responsible for the suffering of old and sick people, because you in particular, as the Protestant Church, have dealt with the Ten Commandments and its variations very generously to the point of inadmissible and so you have inevitably brought the Catholic Church in serious distress in this regard.

The result of it is that then finally the Lord God has become the respondent and defendant, because also the true spirituality had to get into the sidelines and these bearers are more or less down to a large extent, or are they not?

But, of course, blame does not bring humanity any more further either, but without a clear guideline and without any understanding of the cycle of the life, one can no longer achieve the desired goal for all people. 

It cannot and must not be right, of course, that at the end of his life man almost loses his soul and thus almost a whole lived life can be almost obliterated. This must be clearly understood and such a matter must not be understated  or rationalized away with the application of psychology.

It is of course refreshing when Mrs. Kaeßmann talks about life in a way that is close to the people and passes on a positive charisma through her manner, but what particularly addressed me was that Mrs. Kaeßmann incidentally explained that young mothers from poorer neighboring countries, such as Ukraine or Poland, have to leave their children behind in order to be able to earn money in care in Germany, since here in the FRG, as is generally known, there is a great shortage of nursing staff and nursing specialists.

Actually that is already a completely large scandal, if in the poorer countries the children and thus the subsequent generations have to grow up without the mother, so that in the richer countries the old humans or the old needy parents  of employed ones or heavily overtaxed members can receive assistance * by mothers of young children from poorer countries.

What only should become from the subsequent generation, if more and more humans have to grow up without  the stability of parents and without the family and if this follow-up generation must recognize also still that the grandparents with appropriate illness can be handed over or locked up away, often only, so that others can develop freely and must do without nothing what the life can offer, for which already young humans from other cultures envy the Germans very much!?

To cut a long story short, solutions are searched for this mentioned scandal and this lack of caregivers, but there must be also a solution that protects a person`s mind as long as possible.

My person would like to mention the following suggestions that could lead to a resolution**:

The first thing that has to change, that is the generous administration of drugs, which nowadays with the manipulated food chain could be involved in many diseases in the brain.

Basically, every person in his life is more secure, if he renounces a few years of extended life and dies naturally, than if life is artificially prolonged by the "chemical club", the mind and therefore the dignity of all parties could left by the wayside, what each doctor should take note immediately, please.

Furthermore, unconditional preventive care should be taken in time for the preservation of the mind in elderly people, for example, by taking half a squeezed lemon daily with enough liquid, instead of taking medication against sclerosis, since lemon juice also acts against sclerosis in the brain, which my person can personally confirm, and in this regard it is to be paid attention to which fats and carbohydrates you consume, whereby in this regard a called-up specialist and Princess Dr. F. was named and written to!

And now comes the Casus knaxus:

If humans regarding the soul and the mind nothing more, or no more have much to lose, and possibly also no longer can recognize their own children, then it would be appropriate to place these person circles into the care of humans, who want to earn a good money and have to bring along the following conditions:

You need a farm and the premises for a appropriately old person, although at present the farm does not necessarily have to be agriculturally profitable. It is about the surroundings and about the old people's preserved memories of childhood, which is still present as a remnant in most of them and thus the person gets a little bit closer to his own life and to life itself.

Furthermore, these helpers or applicants need a simple basic training in home care and they need a good heart, because there must not be any use of force or chicanes to the concerned people.

In return, these people receive the entire pension of the affected persons and the subsidies of the respective nursing insurance net as a fair wage of the respective states, whereby one can earn more than if one is employed outside the home!

The project can take place also abroad like in Poland or the Ukraine on the simple farms, whereby it would be then more favorable, if a family member, like a grandchild, who speaks the same native language as an accompanying person, takes time out and to try to help the concerned family member.

This way one kills several birds with one stone, as many farms would soon have to give up or have already given up for financial reasons and thus the farm could bring money back into the cash register, as also several affected people who are about to lose their minds could live on a farm, as often enough living space and thus single rooms are avalable.

Farms are for each state basically the gold of the earth, which should be operated in the future if possible also without artificial fertilizers, whereby perhaps even one day the affected people could become active on the farm and would certainly like to contribute their part to the preservation of the farm.

To this end, it must be made clear that ultimately the eldest son will be liable for the whereabouts of the parents even after death, because that is how serious life is really!

The sooner and the farther the family had absconded from the old person as a precaution, the more difficult it will become for these "striplings" because there is a special connection of the first-born son, which is a law of nature and the laws of nature are known to be unnegotiable!

In the plain language it is only to be recommended to make a great effort to the welfare of his parents by protecting and respecting the mind and therefore the dignity of the human being, so that this natural connection with parents does not "drift off" too far after death, namely to those places where already so some family members who did not come into the world were aborted!

And the moral of the story:

Psychology can accompany for the moment the human being a little bit and make life easier, but the application of psychology lets the reality dwindle and one does not recognize any more that one is already in the Revelation of John and thus moves in the end of the time.

However, there is one thing I would like to clarify as well as Mrs. Kaeßmann and that has a lot to do with the dignity:

An elderly man testified, that before he lets anyone wipe his "ass", he`d rather shoot himself!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

*Content added and expression corrected. *  29 May 2024.

My person must also publish this letter on the Internet, as it does not only concern the FRG, but primarily all capitalist states in the world!