Global Warming

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Scientists, Physicists and Chemists


Luebeck, 09 October 2018

Causes of Global Warming and the Consequences

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Hot age instead of ice age: new study predicts new heat wave!


Feedback processes and chain reactions: Physicist Jonathan Donges is co-author of the study that explains why a hot age is looming. 

Physicist Jonathan Donges warns of a "hot age". A new study predicts this when the threshold of two degrees Celsius global warming is exceeded. According to the Paris Climate Agreement, the limit should be well below two degrees, writes the "FAZ". Thus, the climate could warm itself through feedback processes. The result of the study, as the physicist told the news magazine in an interview, is that the Earth could warm up to five degrees Celsius if things continue as they are.  

How does the feedback effect work?

The feedback effect is characterised by the fact that when the Greenland ice sheet, for example, melts as a result of global warming, less solar radiation is reflected back into space by the rocks and the earth. Ice and snow reflect sunlight better. Thus, it would become warmer and the melting of the snow would continue.

The region around the Persian Gulf would be particularly affected by the warming. Physiologically, life there would be very difficult; sweating, for example, would no longer be able to regulate the body on its own.


Dear Sirs and Scientists, Dear Readers,

As already scientifically proven, especially the increased emission of CO² (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere is driving global warming and has already caused a lot of damage to the world.

But also certain gases such as methane, which are produced especially by cattle and thus by the uncontrolled high number of cattle breeding, clearly determine the interaction of the weather or the climate and thus change the living conditions of mankind.

Since much will certainly also depend on the control of the stratosphere (middle layer of the earth's atmosphere) and this more or less unknown component belongs to the weather pattern, it is all the more risky to abuse these high celestial spheres regardless of things and circumstances, for example, by also attacking the ozone layer and a significant change in the intensity of unfiltered rays can enter the atmosphere through these gaps in this layer and these rays could probably be reflected unfiltered.

So in this case it could also be a feedback effect with a chain reaction!?

Since my person is not a scientist, but is usually right, I almost feel compelled to also add my "two cents" and claim this right, since the topics of climate change and global warming are to be taken very, very seriously to the point of survival. So, my person hopes that you, as the scientists, will adopt some of the suggestions of this letter, as this is getting down to business!

Questions for the elite:

Since the ice melt has long been underway, in the Arctic and Antarctic the seabed  is increasingly exposed and more visible to the eye due to the ice melt, however, the sea on the ground is not blue or green as usual, but the sea is black and thus it is a fundamental change in the warming of the Arctic seas by absorbing and reflecting the sun's rays from snow white of the icebergs to pitch black of the sea or seabed.

As a rule, a black subsurface heats up much faster than a light subsurface and thus the ice melt is also progressing continuously and rapidly for this reason, which has already been mentioned by at least one scientist, whereby at the same time gases such as methane under the icebergs have their sources on the seabed and these gases can now reach the surface and the atmosphere more and more unhindered by the ice melt.

However, according to research and science, certain bacteria exist there that can feed on the methane and could thus break it down if it were not released too quickly and reached the surface, nevertheless that ship has sailed a long time ago, as the melting process of the icebergs can no longer be prevented at an increasing rate without the necessary ingenuity.

Questions for the elite:

How can this process be slowed down across the board?

For whom or for what is the gigantic ice vital at the end of time?

Questions for the elite:

Also, my person wonders why an automobile can heat up so much in the interior when it is unused in the sun and how it behaves with absorbing or feedback from these unnecessarily built rays and heat?

Since the cars have literally littered the earth in terms of quantity, there is therefore an additional heating during the sunny periods, whereby it will probably be the car windows proportionately that provide for this heat and for the "free radicals" in the stationary vehicle, what is particularly noticeable if one has thin skin.

What will also carry weight, however, are the black asphalted roads that have also taken up the earth worldwide and can visibly radiate heat in the great heat or, in some cases, easily melt.

Other electrical, electronic or electromagnetic devices such as certain lamps or ramp lights also unnecessarily and significantly release heat and free radicals.

In plain language, this means that through rearrangements and chemical processes of resources, such as a molten mixture (oxides and quartz sands) needed for the production of glass, the equilibrium of the sensitive weather structure could be affected by the heating of, for example, the increasingly produced glass panes of a vehicle, that have already been partially converted to absorb the rays for housing construction. (The emphasis is on "could"!)

In addition, among other things, by the  industrialisation, whereby at least released carbon monoxide will be the rule, the construction of shipping canals especially in connection between the oceans, which should preferably serve the freighters and tankers, a changed "transport direction" of the ocean currents and thus at the same time a man-made air current of the different high pressure areas or low pressure areas have arisen.

In addition, the CO², which is released by man and is dangerous in terms of quantity, is combined with proportionally further gases, with substances and atoms in smaller quantities, whereby a partial chemical reaction could be produced in the atmosphere, and if then, in stretches, the finest quicksand (Dubai) enters the atmosphere and by the chemical reactions a kind of mixture is produced, so that thus a gross intervention in the weather pattern by human hand is created.

Questions for the elite:

At the end of time, how can the shipping channels be used sensibly by means of logistics through luxury liners and further transport possibilities of the seas by saving time, since preferably the required jet fuel for the aeroplanes at least destroys the ozone layer, in that in the future for the matter and the commission of all our Creation the aeroplane transports must be used purposefully and as a rule must no longer be used exclusively for the pleasure addiction of mankind at a special rate?

How can we prevent or interrupt the heating up of vehicles or cars by the sun, should global warming actually be related to it, if air conditioning cannot take care of it, since it will itself generate additional heat?

Answer: The answer solves the CO² problem at the same time:

General and reciprocal worldwide driving ban on private motor vehicles!

Get your bike out of the cellar!

Wind down car windows in the heat and leave them open!

Open the boot and the sunroof roof!

Let's continue with the text and the matter in hand.

Once again, my person had to realise that resources such as steel or iron are handled in a wasteful manner, not to mention copper and brass, so that at least my vintage can still clearly see that the man of the house is missing! 

Just by a single visit to one of thousands of discounters, by means of the quantity of goods made of valuable materials, such as steel and iron, these goods are sold as special offers clearly at knock-down prices!

Just by the mining respectively overexploitation of iron and steel and by the industrial processing of the materials also great heat, carbon monoxide and CO² are released, especially when in addition the heat could already come increasingly easily from the earth's interior.

Question for the elite:

How can we slow down the increasing global warming that may come from the earth`s interior?

Due to the rapacious deforestation or clearing of the forests, especially the rainforest, the exchange through the "green lungs" (photosynthesis) is clearly negatively affected.

Since due to global warming and the new climate there is a lack of rainfall on one side of the earth, which causes especially forest fires or field fires, one should take precautionary measures by clearing or cultivating the fields in a targeted manner, so that no additional amounts of carbon monoxide are produced by the gigantic forest fires or large crop failures, while at the same time always new trees and thus shade-givers and oxygen suppliers have to be planted.

Wood is a good source of energy for heat and cold and a healthy material for human habitat.

In addition, controlled mining of wood is possible worldwide, which is not the case for lignite, for example, which can actually be mined underground in an uncontrolled manner in the earth's crust and the earth's mantle could also be damaged, whereby these cavities created in term of quantity and missing layers of the earth could in turn release geothermal heat, which ultimately comes from the earth's interior.

Questions for the elite:

How can we sustainably prevent major fires and crop failures caused by drought or, conversely, crop failures due to excessive rainfall and landslides?

Can we really justify a "business as usual" without compromises and without drastic personal rights of the individual?

Who can even answer that and who can even judge and take responsibility for that? Can you do that? And how and who should be able to bear that responsibility? Any president of a state, maybe? And what should be the consequence of those responsible look like? A resignation from the respective office perhaps? ?

And who would then benefit from being removed from office if the wrong decisions cannot be undone by climate change, which has already become partly the case? !

Who will then be able to absorb the progress of global warming?

Is it really necessary to treat the great mass of the population like a raw egg by not being able to take any reality-based measures, since most people`s nerves are already at breaking point?

You and others may be clearly underestimating the huge mass by wanting to keep these people away from reality, and you and others may be overestimating yourselves, because for a long time you and others will not be able to make any difference in this regard without sensible and immediate measures, borne by each individual, and will not be able to hold out against global warming, since the environmental disasters, the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes will also visibly intensify and accumulate.

Questions for the elite:

Who will then be the real victor and who will be the vanquished when the end of time is unstoppable, when crowds of people are annihilated and the earth can no longer be sustained? Is it the rest of humanity that will experience the end and the then increasingly alien tourism of the world?

Be you and others knowledgable and wise at the same time and do not fall for the "self-taught actors in the collective " in my hometown, who will not bear true witness to the events by means of my person, among others, in the matter and commisson of the Lord and all our Creator, what, strictly speaking, had advantages and disadvantages.

According to my observations, these contemporary witnesses usually only think of themselves and only from today to tomorrow, but for the "uncomfortable" reality, for the starving world and for the coming generations, these affected people do not waste a thought, which must therefore have consequences in the collective!

These consequences look like at best, as if not only personal rights must be restricted, but "personal duties" must be the order of the day, which means that one comes into duty for oneself and for one's descendants to fight for the survival of our all unique world, so that everything else, as already predetermined by the Old and New Testaments, can work out for the good. 

Note: The earth is the basis for the entire cycle of man and thus the earth is the basis of all being and life! 

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Recycling is the way to go instead of exploiting the earth, if recycling can be done in an environmentally friendly way!

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A floating iceberg off Greenland © Lucas Jackson/Reuters